The Important Bit

Our aim is to be as eco-friendly as possible and we take this very seriously...

Our cards are printed with vegan ink, onto responsibly sourced card (FSC certified).

What does this mean? Well, our Super Eco cards are made from 100% recycled materials and our Luxury Eco cards are a mix of recycled materials and “virgin fibres”. This is paper from forests that have to meet certain standards in protecting the environment, the wildlife and the workers.

We use a UK printing company that has a solar powered building and carbon neutral printing presses. Their company vehicles are electric and they are BIG on recycling and reducing waste.

Our packaging is plastic free. We source our posting supplies from a UK company that is all about being eco friendly. Our envelopes, tissue paper and stickers are all 100% recycled. Even the glue on the stickers and tape is compostable – no micro-plastics! We encourage our customers to reuse our packaging where possible and then recycle everything in the paper bin.  

We don't add foil embellishments or chemical coatings to our cards, so they can all be recycled in the paper bin. Or even pop them in a frame and keep them forever - they are art after all!

We have a corporate partnership in place with People's Trust for Endangered Species, where we make a donation for every Sleep Dormouse card sold, and we also sponsor a dormouse nest box with them!

Guilt-free, sustainable, shopping with more choice? Just search for paintandwhiskers!